Light Painting is so cool!

What is Light Painting?

Well, light painting is where you do a long exposure shot on a camera and because the shutter is left open for a long time, it captures more light and because the light source is moving, it creates a light streak across the picture. And the cool thing is that you can control the thickness of the streak by the size of light or the speed at which the light is traveling. If you go fast, it will be slightly see-through (it also depends on how long you leave the shutter open) but if you go slow, it more defined and not see-though.

Now, it’s harder to do on a point-and-shoot camera because, compared to a mirrorless camera or a DSLR, it has very limited manual settings. For example, I did it with a Canon PowerShot and was only able to open the shutter for 15 seconds at the most. If I had been able to do it for even 15 seconds more, I could have done more, and some point-and-shoot cameras don’t even have a manual setting at all. But for those who are getting started and don’t need the capabilities of a DSLR, doing a simple version with a point-and-shoot if fun enough.

Now as for the settings, my recommendation is to leave the manual settings like this: (it will also depend on what kind of point-and-shoot you are using)

ISO: 100

Aperture: the lowest you can go (f.8 in my case)

Shutter Speed: 15 seconds (some cameras may be able to go for longer)

One thing to take into account is making sure that it’s very dark where you are. I did it in my basement with the lights off, and even so, the pictures are like the lights are on.

If you have any other way of configuring the settings, please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to put your real name if you comment, otherwise the system marks it as spam.


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